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A Chiral Desert Experience

The sun pours down like honey, soaking into scaly lizards.

Coyotes thrive on untouched land and homegrown bird gizzards.

Sweet days birth glorious winds that emulate howls.

Star glazed nights flourish a bounty of land guarded by little owls.

The pour of yearened rain kisses the ears of grateful cactus prickles.

Each honest acre of land remains at its purest when left untouched by sickles.

An unspoken history of natural creation found in rocks colored the absolute reddest.

Sheets of bursting stars breathe life into desert silence existing at its deadest.

Crackling terrain plays god raining everlasting life in the driest fountains.

Everlasting sunsets kindly dust the peaks of the misty mountains.

Blistering heat makes organic love to each blossoming sapling that discovers happy truths on chiral desert floor.

The desert’s selfless gift of itself is presented to humanity in hopes of continuous preservation of what it means to be abundantly natural strictly at its core.

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