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Staff 2024

Lover of fruit-themed sweaters, Miah is an English ed major who can almost constantly be found listening to Japanese rock, making strawberry desserts, enjoying retail therapy with her friends, or reading in a bundle of blankets underneath twinkle lights.

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Megan is studying English and graphic design who greatly enjoys nerding over modernist and contemporary novels. Her mind is full of random fun facts from a variety of horror movies, graphic novels, video essays,

and an unholy amount of Google searches. It should be noted that er heart glasses are an integral part of her personality.

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Charlie is an SUU student whose major in interdisciplinary studies explores the subjects of English, Sociology, and Spanish. Charlie is very interested in the stories and life experiences found in literary journals and is very enthusiastic about gently picking pieces apart to get to their marrow.

Assistant Editor

Pixie is majoring in English with a rhetoric and writing emphasis and minors in Art and Film Studies. A horror fanatic and Joan Didion enthusiast, they can often be found spiraling in niche Wikipedia articles, analyzing movies, crafting oddities, and pretending to be a real person.


When not binge-watching Tv shows with her cat, Kylee enjoys reading and collecting old vinyl records (on a quest to find the ones with the perfect amount of crackle and pop). A transfer from Snow College, she is pursuing a degree in English with a creative writing emphasis. Post graduation, she plans on working in editing and publishing. 

Web/Head CNF Editor
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Head Event Manager

Ali is a rhetoric major and enjoys every second of it! Her favorite part of being a staff member on the Kolob Canyon Review is interacting with so many talented writers and pieces. In her free time, she loves trying new foods, hiking, swimming, and, of course, reading.

Mindy Herrod is a Senior at SUU and a Creative Writing Major and Photography Minor. You’ll probably find her with the Thunderbird Marching Band or going on a very needed shopping spree with her roommates (because she can do what she wants). She loves writing, reading, and musical theater.

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 Haley is a poet and aspiring novelist studying elementary education with a minor in creative writing. If she isn't shadowing a teacher, you can find her planning her next alt-rock concert, hunting down the black cat Squishmallow (still in progress), or reading a fantasy romance novel with some tea.

Head Poetry Editor
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Hailea is an English Creative Writing Major with a Family Services minor. She loves to read pretty much anything you’ll give her, except horror. She hopes to have books published in the future, but currently has CNF pieces published in KCR and the Global Review.

Event Manager
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Rene is majoring in English with an emphasis in creative writing.  They enjoy knitting, coffee, podcasts, and writing—usually separately, but they have been known to listen to fiction podcasts while knitting.  Her favorite things are Les Misérables and cheating at Go Fish.

co-Social Media Manager
Advertising Manager
co-Social Media Manager

Katharine Tesar is an English Literature and Psychology double major who loves Studio Ghibli, Animorphs, and highlighters. She can be found blasting Taylor Swift in her roommate's car or daydreaming on a hike about her writing ideas.

Head Fiction Editor