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Staff 2022

Scum Hellebore

Dabbling in various alternative subcultures, Scum surrounds themself with all kinds of artforms. Studying creative writing, technical writing, and film & screen aesthetics, they hope to work in editing and publishing until they begin to sell their own short stories and screenplays. 

Emily Hugentobler

When she's not exploring graveyards at midnight, Emily enjoys writing her own stories and painting abstract watercolor masterpieces. Likewise, you can always find her at the latest estate sale hunting for antique books.

Shauri Thacker
Assistant Editor

A caffeine enthusiast with a 78.3% chance of showing up with soda in hand, Shauri is working towards an English degree, an editor's lifestyle, and a way to stop time so she can finish her Greek homework before three in the morning.

unnamed (1).jpg
Elliani Decker
Event Manager

Elliani Decker is an undergraduate student studying rhetoric and writing at Southern Utah University. She loves Spanish, softball, salt and vinegar chips, soaking in the sun, seasons, sleep, sugar, samples at Costco, sappy love stories, shows (as in live theatre), scenery, soccer, sipping on hot chocolate, skiing, and singing in the car with her husband.

Taylor Huxley
Art Communication

Taylor is going to become a New York Times Bestseller when she grows up but will be in her room writing until then. Her goals after finishing her bachelor's in creative writing with a technical writing certificate is to own a dog named Haiku and write a piece for NYTimes' Modern Love. She finds time between reading and homework to practice her hobbies including ASL, knitting poorly and roller skating even worse. 

Sydney Beal
Distribution Manager

Sydney Beal is a lover of grilled pineapple, a pop culture addict, and a nap enthusiast. Originally from Spanish Fork, UT, she now attends SUU pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English (creative writing emphasis) as well as a technical writing certificate and a minor in psychology. After graduating, she plans to work as an editor and write on the side.

Callie King-Stevens
Social Manager

Callie is a naive optimist who loves to romanticize life by curling up in fluffy blankets, drinking tea, and reading or writing while listening to music that makes her feel like she is in an indie movie. She also loves wasting hours on social media and watching TV when she isn't buried in homework, of course. Callie will become friends with anyone who offers to make and eat baked goods with her.

20190926-151003 (1).jpg
Lindsey Hale
Multimedia Manager

Lindsey's Mountain Dew addiction is rivaled only by her love of books. When not frantically searching for more shelf space, she's probably binge-watching Gilmore Girls. Lindsey is currently working on completing her English degree, although she suspects that this won't help with her shelving issue.

KileyAnne Larson
Web Editor

KileyAnne Larson is graduating in 2022 as an English major with an emphasis in creative writing.  In their free time, they like drawing, insect taxidermy, and  running away to prettier places at a moment's notice. They are a published author and artist, and they hope to find a career in editing. 

Madi Moss
Multimedia Editor

​​Madi loves all things reading and writing. She is working on earning a bachelor’s degree in English with a creative writing emphasis, and a minor in history. She is a big fan of movie nights, ice cream, hiking, and spending time with friends and family. She hopes to one day be an author of children’s stories, bringing happiness and imagination to kids everywhere.

Nano Taggart
Faculty Advisor

Nano Taggart is serving his third year as faculty advisor of KCR. He's a founding editor of the poetry magazine Sugar House Review, and is a co-recipient of a grant from the Utah Division of Arts & Museums. You can see some of his writing in places like Diagram, Weber—The Contemporary West, Verse Daily, and elsewhere. He loves hot sauce and (probably) your dog(s).

Design Team 2022

Danielle Heaton.jpg
Danielle Heaton

Danie lives a creative life as a graphic designer, photographer, and small business owner. She aspires to be a creative director and leave her mark on the world as she designs outside the box. She also likes long walks on the beach and romcoms.

Destiny Cole.jpg
Destiny Cole

Destiny is a graphic design major who is graduating. Most of her time is filled with various projects. When she is not designing, she is most likely reading or on some sort of outdoor excursion. She can often be found sleeping throughout the day.

Eliesia Clark.jpg
Eliesia Clark

Eliesia is a senior at Southern Utah University studying graphic design with a minor in art history. She has loved creating from a young age, writing in her third grade school journal that she wanted to be a ”graphic artist” when she grew up. When she isn’t designing, you’ll find her spending time outdoors or at a concert that she probably paid a little too much money for and had to drive a little too far to get to.

Ellie Prisbrey.jpg
Ellie Prisbrey

Ellie is a junior at Southern Utah University studying graphic design and art history. In addition to her life as a student, Ellie also works as a licensed cosmetologist. Whether it be painting hair, analyzing fine artwork, or creating publications, Ellie lives to create and design in all facets of life. You can often find her at her computer, working late hours into the night with a diet coke in hand.

Jordan Petersen.png
Jordan J. Petersen

Jordan is an SUU graphic design major engaged in experimental design. As a Lego enthusiast, design and engineering come naturally and have a huge impact on the style of work that Jordan designs. As a practiced freelancer, he aspires to expand and manage an international design firm.

Kristin Shaw.jpg
Kristin Shaw

KileyAnne Larson is graduating in 2022 as an English major with an emphasis in creative writing.  In their free time, they like drawing, insect taxidermy, and  running away to prettier places at a moment's notice. They are a published author and artist, and they hope to find a career in editing. 

Lia Herrod.jpg
Lia Herrod

Lia is a senior graphic design student at Southern Utah University with a minor in art history. She has always loved all things design and is constantly seeing how far she can push herself creatively. When she’s not drowning herself with design projects, you can find her spending most of her time with family/friends or being adventurous in the outdoors.

Necia Warner.JPG
Necia Warner

Necia is a junior studying graphic design. She really likes to make art and go outside. She aspires to be a graphic designer for the National Park Service and would love to visit Alaska.

Orion Teare.jpg
Orion Teare

Orion Teare is a graphic designer going to SUU. He likes to design and think outside the box. Orion enjoys spending time with friends and meeting new people. Orion loves making logos and doing web design. You can find him on the racquetball court during his down time.

Sami Wilson.jpg
Sami Wilson

Sami Wilson is a junior in the graphic design program minoring in photography. She loves all things design and can usually be found working in the risograph studio while listening to one of her oddly specific playlists. In her free time, she is always with friends, trying to find new music and spending way too much money on concerts.

Sandy Sumerix.jpeg
Sandy Sumerix

A happy mother to seven children, Sandy adores spoiling her kids, spending time with them, and scrapbooking (all about them). She’s looking for an adventure in the valleys and mountains of Montana after graduation. She loves cooking, crafting, and creating when she’s not with her kids.

Talia Woodbury.jpg
Talia Woodbury

Talia is a junior graphic design student at Southern Utah University. Her love for art extends to every part of her life—she is a creative junkie! In her free time, you can catch her exploring urban spaces or listening to her expansive record collection.

Tobias Sanderson.jpeg
Tobias Sanderson

Tobias is an exchange student from England studying graphic design. As a waiter of four years, he has had time to create visually interesting designs and awful puns. Studying graphic design at two universities has helped him find new techniques. He would love to work in publications.

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