Madeleine Walters

Maddie is a Senior that enjoys reading and writing more than anything. Many friends and roommates have been concerned by the sheer number of books she both buys and checks out from the library. Maddie is a Creative Writing major with a minor in Film and Screen Studies. She is working towards a degree boost badge in Social Media. She enjoys storytelling in theatre in addition to books and movies. She has been known to laugh too hard at random things and will go on a midnight Denny’s run at a moment’s notice. Maddie wants to be an author when she graduates.

Cassidy Wallace

Cass is an ice cream enthusiast with a reading habit. In her senior year at SUU, she plans to graduate as an English major with a creative writing emphasis and a history minor. She is also earning the technical writing certificate while at SUU and received her Associate in Arts degree from Central Piedmont Community College. Cass hopes to continue her education and one day find herself teaching college courses. Nothing inspires her writing more than history lectures, college ruled notebooks, and a pencil (never pen). Her sworn nemesis is the mosquito. 

Emily Hugentobler
Assistant Editor

Emily is working hard during the apocalypse to earn a Bachelor's

degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. When she finally grows up, she plans on becoming a book editor at a small publishing house. In what limited free time she has, she enjoys writing her own 

stories, painting abstract watercolor masterpieces,

and taking long, luxurious baths with a good novel and a glass of

grape juice. Furthermore, you can always find her on-campus petting random stranger's dogs.

Tanner Hallam
Assistant Editor

Dabbling in various alternative cultures, Tanner surrounds himself with all kinds of art forms. Studying Creative Writing, Film & Screen Aesthetics, and Technical Writing, Tanner hopes to work in editing and publishing until he begins to sell his own screenplays and to publish his own short stories. Tanner works in the Writing Center on campus and loves helping out students at events as an Involvement Captain.

Callie King

Callie King is an English and Communication major. Callie loves pine trees, herbal teas, and bumblebees, though not necessarily in that order. When she isn’t curled up in fluffy blankets reading, writing, or listening to true crime podcasts, she will probably be found out on a hike, if she isn’t too buried in school work. 

Jessica Hanneman

Coming from a family of artists Jessica otherwise known as H wants to continue pursuing a career in the arts. Currently studying English with a concentration in creative writing she wants to see how far her writing can take her. After having some poems published this summer she now has the ambitious goal of self publishing a book of her own poetry. H really enjoys writing eco literature and is the president of Southern Utah university’s women of the outdoors club.

Nicole Burton

Nicole Burton is a senior studying creative writing and a little bit of social media. She can often be found getting herself into stupid situations that will make for good stories later. In her spare time, she enjoys trying new recipes and painting. Nicole plans to pursue a career in editing after graduation. Until then she is practicing the philosophy of faking it until she makes it.

Larissa Beatty

Larissa is a junior double major studying English and Communication. If the first sentence or didn’t allude to it enough, she likes to write...a lot. Surprising right? She can usually be found writing the next story for the University Journal or madly scribbling down the idea for a bestselling novel in her notepad that she WILL get around to writing someday. She aspires to work as an author, teacher, and motivational speaker, and change lives at the level that Maya Angelou and J.K. Rowling did.  

Shauri Thacker

Shauri is an avid traveler who's danced in Seattle rain, traced footsteps of music legends in Tennessee, and lost herself to the thrill of the Hawai'ian coast. She's an English major with a desire to use her camera and pen to inspire her audience and help others on their own writing odyssey. Though her free time is elusive, when she gets it, she can be found curled up with a blanket and a Marvel movie, admiring the stars on a cloudless night, or cuddled up with one of her cats.

Sydney Beal

Originally from Spanish Fork, UT, Sydney migrated down to Cedar City to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in English (Creative Writing Emphasis), as well as a Technical Writing certificate and a minor in Psychology. After graduating, she plans to work as an editor and write on the side. When she’s not racing to classes or drowning under homework, she enjoys going on late night drives, jamming to rock music, and dreaming of visiting far off places to satisfy her wanderlust.

Ashlyn Draney

Ash is a junior who is stoked to be a part of the KCR this year. She is currently studying English with an emphasis on creative writing, and a minor in philosophy because she’s crazy. She hopes that you will enjoy this year’s issue of the KCR, and wants to let everyone know out there to stay safe.

Savannah Byers

Savannah Byers is an indoors enthusiast who enjoys organizing M&Ms by color and binge (re)reading Rainbow Rowell books. She is a student at Southern Utah University majoring in English education with a concentration in creative writing and a minor in library media. After graduation, Savannah hopes to become an English teacher who introduces her students to books they’ll fall in love with, and dreams they can’t help but pursue. 

Jared Clawson

Jared Clawson is a Communications major with a Media emphasis and a double minor in Music and Outdoor Recreation in Parks and Tourism. When he isn’t smothering his dog or girlfriend with love, he can be found with his nose deep within the pages of whatever book he’s currently infatuated with, whether he’s swallowed by philosophy, history, or swept off into some exciting world, fiction or nonfiction. Upon deciding he’s used his brain enough, he can be traced deep into the wilderness, climbing mountains and swimming in the wild waters they keep, melting into the swirling melodies he either plays on the guitar or piano, or spewing his mind onto paper in what he hopes are coherent sentences. He’s an explorer at heart and loves to share that which makes him happy, finding the greatest value in life in meaningful connection with others. He’s had a passion for writing and creation since he was but a child, and hopes to make something of it as he continues to ride the wild waters of life. 

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