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Potassium-Based Chemical Retransformation

Yesterday you were slow

Down crosswalk sign

Yellow and curved like an

Apostrophe, comma, slow

Down there are children here

Avoiding you.

Today you are still curved

But speckled

Brown leopard print hickies

Speak of the heavy kiss of air

In the heat of nighttime chemistry

A disease, it moves on

To your cousins

Huddled around you

-ex stealers and tattletales

A medley of thrown fists

That don’t have any weight but

leave marks all the same.

Tomorrow you will still be curved

But shriveled slightly and brown

Halfway to decomposed and

Sweeter than you started and

you’ll be perfect to mash and

blend and shape and combine and

bake into a breakfast delicacy and

I’ll look at you fresh

out of the oven and give you

a new name: banana bread muffin

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