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Staff 2023


Shauri is a CNF writer and reluctant poet focusing on experiences, travel, and the occasional waking dreamland. She shows up to class with a Coke or complicated lemonade about 78.3% of the time. Find her work in Sink Hollow and The Southern Quill.

Megan Anderson.jpg

Megan is an English literature major who greatly enjoys nerding over modernist and contemporary novels. Her mind is full of random fun facts from a variety of horror movies, graphic novels, video essays, and an unholy amount of Google searches. She wears heart glasses and large earrings, both of which are an integral part of her personality. 

Shauri Thacker
Famke Halma.jpg
Famke Halma
Poetry Editor

A native of Utrecht, the Netherlands, Famke's first love was young adult novels, which is still evident by her personality. When not reading or writing novels herself, Famke can be found rock climbing, eating frozen yogurt, or stressing over her majors and minors because her biggest downfall is that she wants to study everything. She has hopes of moving somewhere where the weather stays above 70 degrees year-round after graduating.

Megan Anderson
Assistant Editor
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Annika Larson

Annika is a senior graduating in spring 2023 as an English major with a concentration in creative writing and a double minor in marketing and management. She enjoys hiking, reading, and hanging out with friends. She aspires to travel the world and own enough books to be considered a library. While pursuing her goal to have a career in publishing, Annika enjoys working with children as a medical assistant. 

CNF Editor

Madi loves all things reading and writing. She is working on earning a bachelor’s degree in English with a creative writing emphasis, and a minor in history. She is a big fan of movie nights, ice cream, hiking, and spending time with friends and family. She hopes to one day be an author of children’s stories, bringing happiness and imagination to kids everywhere.

Madi Moss
Fiction Editor
Tara Dole.jpg
Tara Dole

With Tara, asking about her interests is likely to result in a long-winded answer that will include several disciplines of theatre (her major), writing (you can find her work in the 2022 issue of KCR), working outdoors, and hanging out with her fluffy, long-haired cat. She’s super excited to be a part of the KCR staff this year, but she’s even more excited to graduate this spring. But don’t ask her what her grand plans are after graduation unless you want to spark an existential crisis and get an incredibly vague answer. 

Advertising Manager

Kylie is in their senior year studying English with an emphasis in creative writing. They love anything to do with Marvel, Disney, and anime. Kylie loves animals and has a black cat named Belle. Kylie mainly writes poetry but also likes to dabble in fantasy fiction writing.

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Kylee enjoys longboarding through the canyon to carefully curated playlists. If given the chance, she will talk about her cat until told to stop. A transfer from Snow College, she is pursuing a degree in English with a creative writing emphasis. Post graduation, she plans on working in editing and publishing. 

Kylie Brown
Web Editor 
Kylee Mauldin
Website Curator
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Mindy Herrod

Mindy is a junior at SUU and a creative writing major. If she’s not obsessing over animation, she’s probably performing/rehearsing with the Thunderbird Marching Band or being an introvert and locking herself in her apartment (because why not?). She loves to read, write, listen to music, bake, and watch musical theatre.

Website Curator
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Em Hart
Social Media Manager

Em is an English literature major and an ex-education major, ultimately due to the corruptive influences of the TV show Merlin creating an obsessive interest in Arthurian legend. Having been seriously writing since the age of thirteen, Em has written a lot and subsequently spent nearly as much time rewriting a lot. Em hopes to someday stop the rewriting cycle, learn how to write shorter sentences, and somehow become a professor along the way.

Miah Hardy

Miah is a sophomore at SUU, majoring in English education with an emphasis in creative writing. She dreams of teaching highschool and having a career in publishing - if she can ever get around to graduating. When Miah is not eating a burrito, cuddling with a stuffed animal, or wearing fruit themed sweaters, she can be found curled in her bed avidly reading anything from crappy sci-fi novels to Dostoyevsky.

Event Assistent
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