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Let Us

Editor's Choice

Madeline Peck

Let UsMadeline Peck
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Let us shed our skins and dance

     with our jittery bones and pumping organs

     beneath the light of God’s false eye.


Let us braid each other’s hair

     and kiss our thin lips together in prayer,

     for I pray only to you, to you

     and the water in your eyes.


Our skin is too thin; let us be 

     snakes. Let us wrap our bodies 

     like tide pools ‘round each other and

     twist until there’s nothing left of us 

     but seashells and wet sand. Let us

     be snakes and uncoil. Let us

     be snakes and tempt each other

     from heaven with the promise of 

     apple-flavored lips.


Your hands are no bigger than mine.

Our lips are the same painted red.

And I can see your heart caged behind your white   

     cracked bones holding out its hands for me.

Dance with me through this languid air. Let us 

     dance as the wind carries away our skin like

     two ethereal projections searching for a 

     single fine word. Let us kiss and fold and 

     tumble. Let us unstitch and re-sew, let us 

     write each other with poetry. And let us 

     become, my love, let us become.


Taste my apple lips and I’ll kiss your snake-like skin. 

Braid your long brown hair with mine. 

Let us kiss like lovers and let us combine like lovers 

     beneath the light of God’s false eye.


poetry, 2020, editor's choice
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