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Issue #28 | Spring 2020

Editors' Choice Winners

Nonfiction: The Trail of Mental Illness by Amber Celelaith Tawen Rossi

Fiction: Warm Cold Cereal by Beau Barton

Poetry: Let Us by Madeline Peck


A Love Letter to Florence Welch  |  Grace Sullivan

Changed  |  E. B. Raven

Chapter 18: Amelia  |  Max Bloxham

Dear Somebody  |  Elizabeth Curtis

Hair Dye is Not Permanent  |  Lyndsey Kay Nelson

Motivation  |  Makayla Halling

The Real Reason Why Mermaids Don't Have Legs  |  Hanna M Duncan

The Trail of Mental Illness  |  Amber Celelaith Tawen Rossi

What It Took  |  Andrea Call


A Thin Line  |  Andrew Leavitt

Behind the Velvet Curtain  |  Hannah M Duncan

For Once  |  Madison Thomas

Ice  |  KileyAnne Larson

Jack the Ripper—Unmasked  |  Larissa Jackson

Project Osmosis  |  Madeleine Walters

The Memory of a Man Named Hank  |  Andrew Leavitt

Warm Cold Cereal  |  Beau Barton


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