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Issue 29 | Spring 2021

Editors' Choice Winners

Nonfiction: Sun-Warmed Tomatoes by Tiffany Acrie

Fiction: You Will Know Botany by Katie Lloyd

Poetry: The Fall of Icarus by Allison Clark


Hannah, Don't You Remember?  |  Allison Clark

H.H.  |  Bridget Cunningham

Collected Memories  |  Max Barnaby

Excerpt from Della  |  Cassidy Wallace

Excerpt from Loyal Au Mort  |  Cassidy Wallace

Liminal Bodies  |  KileyAnne Larson

The Breath of Embroidery  |  Cassidy Wallace
The Flash  |  Cassidy Wallace
The Thought Collector  |  Sydney Beal
What Happens on Backroads  |  Nicole Burton
You Will Know Botany  |  Katie Lloyd


A First Venture into Politics (or the Day I Talked

     Back to Mr. Clean)  |  Chris Taylor

Flattened Underfoot  |  Emma Poulsen

Half  |  Taylor Huxley

Participation Points?  |  Cassidy Wallace

Summer Apricots  |  Emily Hugentobler

Sun-Warmed Tomatoes  |  Tiffany Acrie

The Window  |  Alisen Allen