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2024 Contributor Bios

Addie Anderson

Addie Anderson is a graphic designer and proud SUU alumna. She is an enthusiast about all things typography, including letterpress and hand lettering.

Nathan Anderson

Nathan often creates as he is falling asleep, a moment in time where his brain is the most imaginative. He's always said all of his best work is created in the early hours of morning, nestled between dusk and dawn.

Terry Anne

Terry Anne is an art education major at SUU. When Terry found out that they wanted to create art to tell stories, they couldn't put the paint brush down. Soon, after a strong portfolio and award-winning career, Terry wanted to help young artists find their why in art as well as their personal lives so they can strive for success just as Terry did.

Ella G. Brain

Ella G. Brain is currently a freshman at SUU, studying English Literature and Illustration. She has a deep love for storytelling in both written and visual forms, taking inspiration from great authors such as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.

Dallin Brown

Dallin is a digital artist that loves painting, digital drawing, and photography. He is currently studying graphic design at SUU. When not making art, he enjoys watching movies, collecting vinyl records, and hiking in the national parks.

Damian Cervantes

A junior at SUU studying Studio Arts and Graphic Design, Damian is an eclectic and eccentric individual that dabbles in writing, music, and film in addition to visual art - all in the pursuit of deep, personal expression, or nonsensical, absurdist jokes.

Jamison Conforto

There is supposed to be a heart after this title, made of the less than symbol and a three. it won't let me type those in the submission box or save it in the word document.

Morgan Daniel

Morgan Daniel is a current sophomore and photography major at SUU.

Hailea Drummond

Hailea is a Creative Writing major at Southern Utah University. She enjoys writing in all the genres, but she has a preference towards CNF. Hailea's work can be found in The Global Review and The Kolob Canyon Review.

Rebecca Fielding

Rebecca Fielding is an SUU senior who has previously had her writing published but is excited this year to have her art as part of the Kolob Canyon Review for the first time.

Jess Hebertson

Jess is a senior illustration major graduating this spring! Besides art-making she loves dirty chai lattes, D&D podcasts, and niche historical facts.

Faith Anderson

Faith Anderson is an author and illustrator. You can find her work on Instagram @footh10. She's currently working on her webcomic, A Cure for Fate, available soon on WEBTOONS.

Violet Andrew

Violet Andrew is a Graphic Design major minoring in Illustration. She enjoys creating in any form she is able. She is inspired by nature and fantasy in any form and enjoys bringing that into the works she makes outside, and inside of class.

Bailey Bishop

Bailey Bishop is an artist pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts with an emphasis in printmaking at SUU in Cedar City, Utah due to be completed April, 2024. Bishop has exhibited her artwork in multiple solo and group exhibitions all over Utah for the past six years and has had art pieces showcased and awarded in magazines native to Utah. Bishop uses multiple mediums to explore the themes of identity, loss, poetry, and family. Bishop is currently working to navigate the world of experimental printmaking and painting, hoping to lead to a lifelong mastery of experimentation.

S.T. Brant

S. T. Brant is a Las Vegas high school teacher. His debut collection Melody in Exile will be out in 2022. His work has appeared in numerous journals including Honest Ulsterman, EcoTheo, Timber, and Rain Taxi.

Ren Carter

Ren Carter resides in Southern Utah. When they’re not at work, they can be found procrastinating many unfinished writing projects, babying their cats, and learning how to be a person again. You can find them on Instagram at @postcardsfromren.

Kimberlina Chatwin

The author hopes you are inspired to live in the moment and enjoy the present as well as the possibilities of life ahead of you. She would be honored to have played a part in your soul's fulfillment.

Jonah Coombs

Jonah Coombs is an aspiring author born in TX raised in NC and calling Southern UT home. He hopes to one day write a best selling novel.

Tara Dole

Eclectic and hectic, Tara’s interests are as assorted as anyone’s, or no one’s. Their favorite things to explore are natural phenomena of all varieties. Hailing from the desert, trees and water are among their most valued, yet elusive, resources.

Sel Fernandez

Sel Fernandez is a senior Illustration major from Southern Utah University. Her whimsical art focuses on the exploration of the unknown, from a positive view. She likes to stare at the moon for inspiration.

Jennifer Funk

Jenny is from Ferron Utah and has always loved photography. Jenny had an opportunity to live in Italy for about 2 years and fell in love with everything about it. Here is a little piece of Italy she loved.

Mindy Herrod

Susanna Herrmann

Susanna Herrmann is a visual artist and designer from Bloomington, Indiana. She is a graphic design professor at Southern Utah University.

Ethan Hoenig

I have been perfecting my skill as a spray paint and mixed media artist for the last 7 years. My artwork is created by cutting large scale stencils out of paper with an x-acto knife and spray painting them, layer by layer, onto canvas. I started out on my own and taught myself then later attended Southern Utah University and acquired more knowledge with a degree in Art education. Currently I work as an artist/muralist and educator. I enjoy art that conveys messages and lots of my work has to do with social, societal, and religious issues.

Melissa Kelly

Melissa is an artist who loves drawing fantasy creatures, story-telling, and world building. When she isn't drawing, Melissa can be found petting so many cats.

Mindy Herrod is a Senior at SUU and is a Creative Writing Major with a Photography Minor. She loves writing, reading, and taking pictures of landscapes and plants; household and wild, with lots of color…and the occasional inanimate object setup.

Hikari Ito

Hikari Ito is an illustrator pursuing work in the entertainment industry as a visual development illustrator and character designer. When she isn't creating art, she can be found cooking away in the kitchen or playing video games.

Vanessa Jacobsen

Vanessa Jacobsen is a 20-year-old multimedia artist and SUU cybersecurity major from Northern Utah. She has been practicing many different kinds of art ever since she could hold a pencil. Vanessa has been oil painting since she was ten years old, and she defines herself primarily as a Christian and a highly creative person. Her paintings have won many different awards ranging from People's Choice to First Place to the Shirley Venus Memorial Award. This particular painting, "A Mother's Love," has sold over 30 copies in multiple states and won awards at multiple different art shows.

Sterling M. Larrabee

Sterling is an avid adventurer and is always looking for that next new experience in whatever form it takes. It is from these adventures, experiences and places that much of his design work, photography and art come from. Find him on Instagram @sterlings_art.

Charles Layke

Author: Charles Layke loves to spend time in the outdoors on the hunt for inspiration and a reprieve from the stresses of everyday life. He has a keen interest in exploring the meaning behind striking day to day moments and capturing them on the page.


Artist: Charles Layke loves to draw inspiration from the great outdoors as well as the little moments in life that ignite small sparks of passion within him. Painting has always been a tool of expression that he plans to explore and learn to craft into poetic representations on the page.

Jared Matterfis

Jared is from American Fork and enjoys photographing shows and nature. You can catch him on Instagram @jaredmatterfis

Madison McBride

Madison McBride is a "self-proclaimed" storyteller. New to poetry, but equipped with ideas, experiences and, most importantly, words, she has found a freedom in giving voice to her life experiences through this medium.

Samul Mower

Samuel Mower is a fine artist studying painting, drawing and printmaking. His primary works are usually drawings or prints, but he enjoys exploring other mediums to find new ways to express ideas. Mower has studied at multiple institutions and has his Associate of Fine Arts from Snow College and his now working on his Bachelor's degree in fine arts.

Miah Mooper

Miah Mooper is a connoisseur of all things that turn ordinary days into an exceptional existence: sweet treats, good company, and personal stories about life and love. You can find her work in Kolob Canyon Review, and Midnight CHEM.

Kale Nelson

Kale may stand tall at 6'6, but, to answer your question, he has never played basketball. He has instead dedicated his life to the craft of writing, whether it be journalistic or creative.

RF O'Shaughnessy

Running on coffee and spite, RF O’Shaughnessy has been writing for years. Initially from Heber City, Utah, they long for somewhere with excellent, reliable public transport. When not writing, they enjoy running and drawing.

Zoë Peterson

Zoë is an illustration major who loves making things. She thinks "grandma craft" is a powerful term and one day hopes her professional title is Craft Grandmother.

Jack Powell

Jack is a senior majoring in graphic design, minoring in illustration and studio arts. He enjoys making things and loves to be able to hold the finished product, regardless of if it’s a book, poster, drawing, print, really just anything physical.

Alexander Seils

Alexander Seils graduated from Southern Utah University in Spring 2023 and currently works in Student Affairs. His writing appears in The Petigru Review, Kolob Canyon Review, The Southern Quill, and is forthcoming in the Lake Words anthology.

Alexa Smith

Alexa is a senior at SUU and would love to thank her peers and professors for turning her work into what it is today. She has been published in KCR and online and looks forward to jumping head-first into the life of a starving artist post-graduation.

Sophie Stilson

Sophie is a senior graphic design major at SUU. When she's not designing, she loves spending time outside. She loves trying to capture earth's beauty through painting, drawing, and photography.

Reina Kropf

Reina Kropf is a contemporary artist using printmaking and ceramic sculpture to illustrate themes of feminism, homemaking, and the inner details of personal experience. Kropf has curated several group shows in Utah and has had several solo exhibitions including A Little Predicament, Homemaker, and We Are Not Lost. She has been awarded Grand Champion at Wyoming’s Big Show in 2D Art.

Jacob D. Law

Jacob D. Law is a long time lover of reading and writing. While he grew up mostly reading fantasy fiction, he grew a love of all the genres of writing. He always wanted to give back to that literature he grew to love. This is his first publication.

Francis Le

Francis Le (they/she) is a sophomore with the English Education program. When they're not frantically completing homework, they can be found drafting their first novel or reading banned books. You can find them on Insta @cultdionysia.

Whitney Matterfis

Introducing Whitney: a proud graduate of SUU's class of 2018 with a degree in graphic design. Since graduation, Whit has added photography to her repertoire, turning her hobby into a passion project. When she's not taking a fat nap, you can find her attending concerts, browsing the aisles of TJ Maxx, or indulging her (not-so-secret) Pokemon obsession. A pack a day keeps the doctor away— jk if only she had that kind of cash! She posts her photography to Instagram @whitneymatterfis and her doodles to @wackysoba.

Pixie Merkley

Pixie is an obsessive artist hell-bent on being involved in every medium. Fueled by spite and peach Redbull, they can often be found scrounging for trinkets, making art out of trash, and writing poetry after therapy sessions (shoutout LaDawn

Hanna Lu Muzquiz

Hanna Lu Muzquiz is a Creative Writing and Spanish student at SUU. She loves art and literature, as well as serving her school as a Vice President of the Latine Student Alliance, Humanities and Social Science Senator, and as a Writing Tutor.

J.A. Norman

J. A. Norman is from Cache Valley Utah, but is currently a student at Southern Utah University studying English. She has had one short story published in “The Bad Day Book: Volume 1,” however this is the first time that she has published a poem.

Tory L. Porter

Tory Porter is a current SUU Art Education student who specializes in 2D design. Porter hopes to combine her love for art and her passion for teaching to foster creativity in her future classrooms.

Eleora Ryan

Through her work, Eleora is committed to honoring the moments that make up art. She loves exploring the patterns and connections she finds scattered through her life, and uses art as a way to give form to the things that make her human.

Mariah Sellers

I'm Mariah Sellers and I recently graduated from SUU in December, studying illustration and creative writing. I love all of the arts: painting, drawing, writing, dance, etc. I am an ambivert and you'll either find me at home by myself, painting or reading, or you'll find me hanging with my people. Both make me incredibly happy and excited about life. Right now I'm working on a children's picture book which I hope to finish in the near future.

Spencer Smith

Spencer is frequently at home in the spookiest yet coziest of nooks and crannies. He enjoys a myriad of creative hobbies, including sewing, drawing, lurking, painting, haunting, and performing. His greatest love in life is his cat.

Katharine Tesar

Katharine Tesar loves highlighters, obsessively annotating her favorite books, and playing hide-and-seek with her cat, Midnight. This is her first publication.

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