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Issue 30 | Spring 2022


The Neighbor's House was Destroyed, Too   |   Lyndsey Kay

Death's Love   |   Alyssa Monson  

Speak of the Devil   |   Faith Anderson

Bird's Nest   |   Taylor Huxley

Drawing Rooms and Daydreams   |   Lindsey Hale

Fifty Shades of Green   |   Matthew Kando

Fading   |   S. M. Beal

Lullabies   |   Lindsey Hale

Made in the Image of Man   |   Rebecca Fielding

Power-Out   |   A. Elaine

The Mirror   |   Lindsey Hale

Isolated for Fixing   |   Scum Hellebore

Retired Bones   |   Scum Hellebore


How to Read Road Signs   |   Max Barnaby

an ode to the song of achilles   |   Elizabeth Curtis

Grandpa's Hats   |   Callie King-Stevens

Psyche   |   Madeleine Walters

Death Valley   |   H Hanneman

Hell is a Place   |   Famke Halma

My List   |   M. Nicole Burton

ghost be gone   |   Elizabeth Curtis

Echo   |   Madeleine Walters

bigger   |   Natalie Franson

Collapsing Calypso   |   Tayah Nelson

If Found, Please Return   |   M. Nicole Burton

On ADHD   |   Eliza Reeve

On the Issue of an Unfixed Tire   |   Max Barnaby

Blueberry Preserves   |   Amanda M. Clarke

They   |   Rian Kasner

Unbecoming Love   |   Hanna Lu Muzquiz

Circle White   |   Mary Hall

Time   |   Natalie Franson

Cherry Blossoms Will Fall   |   Katie Lloyd

Ferrokinesis   |   Key Wilson

His First Dead Body   |   Janzen Jorgensen

Wild Honey   |   Haley Artinger

African Spirit, Livin' in it   |   Geneva Williams

By the Lake   |   Famka Halma

I cleaned my room today.   |   Max Barnaby

On a Feather Quilt Pillow My Grandmother Made Or A Short Treatise on Myth and Evolution   |   David Lee

Of All I've Written   |   A. Elaine

Kaleidoscope   |   Brandon Maag

August 3, Chicago   |   M. Nicole Burton

Words Like Wine, Wine Like Blood   |   Key Wilson

Eu Sinto Sua Falta/I Feel Your Absence   |   Callie King-Stevens

Matchstick   |   Famka Halma

Sunday Best   |   Taylor Huxley

Bees Love Salad   |   Austin Engar

Deceiving Dusk   |   Tara Dole

Stretch Marks   |   Taylor Huxley

"Like a Mother"   |   Amanda M. Clarke

If Only Leaves Were Orange   |   Shauri Thacker

Mr. Wind   |   Katie Lloyd

Far-Flung Fancies   |   Amanda M. Clarke

The Smell of Weed   |   Taylor Huxley

Surname   |   Larissa Beatty


Tonight Was Not the Cure   |   M. Nicole Burton

Like a Girl   |   Callie King-Stevens

Look Well Soon   |   Lauryn Batista

Side Effects   |   Taylor Huxley

The Last Assignment of the Semester (Hopefully)   |   Scum Hellebore

"Growed-Up"   |   Scum Hellebore

A Letter Written in Iron   |   Tayah Nelson

"Essais," or Attempts   |   Lyndsey Kay

Existence Proof   |   Louis M.

Coffee Rings and People Things   |   Bridget Arias Cunningham

Visual Art

Tortoise Ink   |   Ethan Hoenig

Sinking   |   Lucy Sharp

Grace in Abandonment 8   |   Geoffrey C. Lewis

Breath of Life   |   Chloe Tate

Absorbing   |   Katelyn Prince

Mask Mandate   |   Darren Lewis

Lion Less   |   Ginny Fielding

Not-So-Creepy Crawlies   |   Geoffrey C. Lewis

Broken by Time   |   Geoffrey C. Lewis

Gardening   |   Brittany Long Olsen

Watching Clouds   |   Brittany Long Olsen

Made in China   |   Ethan Hoenig

In the void   |   Denise Tinoco

Amsterdam Man   |   Danelle Cheney

Take As Needed   |   Aspen English

To just lie down for a bit   |   KileyAnne Larson

Acceptance   |   Faith Anderson

Jim Gaffigan Caricature   |   Chloe Tate

Eye of the Ancient   |   Geoffrey C. Lewis

Springtime Romance   |   Alyse Roundy

Human Kind Mural   |   Rian Kasner

Strawberry Lemonade   |   Jalynn Lunceford

Fate   |   Jalynn Lunceford

Inktober Day 3: Burn   |   KileyAnne Larson

Inktober Day 7: Rot   |   KileyAnne Larson

Inktober Day 9: Spear   |   KileyAnne Larson

Inktober Day 16: Float   |   KileyAnne Larson

Varen Kind   |   Bridger James

Why so blue   |   Denise Tinoco

Forest in the Sky   |   Rian Kasner

Growing Pains   |   Ginny Fielding

Desert Aliens   |   Zoë Petersen and Todd Petersen

Living in the 60s   |   Courtney Joy

DSC02895   |   Jared Matterfis

Before the Storm   |   Kailie Roberts

Love is Chaos   |   Danielle Heaton

Reading Together   |   Chloe Tate

Ode to Our Loved Ones Front Vinyl Cover   |   Chloe Tate

Ode to Our Loved Ones Back Vinyl Cover   |   Chloe Tate

Ode to Our Loved Ones Vinyl Gatefold   |   Chloe Tate

Dreaming for Better Days   |   Bridger James

Portrait of Shelbie   |   Alyse Roundy

Color Study   |   Jared Matterfis

Sea Foam Sea Stacks   |   Bridger James

The Guardian   |   Ethan Hoenig

Riverbed Creatures   |   Melissa Kelly

Anticipation   |   Melissa Kelly

Nice Catch!   |   Melissa Kelly

Voiceless   |   Ethan Hoenig

The Mountain Back   |   Ginny Fielding

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