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Religious Inquiries of a Homosexual

Kylie Brown

They say that God is benevolent

That he is a being of endless love

But that he cannot love me

They say he once walked the earth

Spent time with the lowest of us all

But that I am not worth his time

They say he healed the sick

Cleared every person of their sins

But mine are far too great

They say he forgave an adulteress

Accepted her by his side

But he could never accept me

They say we are all his children

Including murdering thieves

But act like I am the exception

They say a lot of things

But I am beginning to believe

That they don’t know a thing

If what they say is true

Then why have I felt his love?

His arms wrapped firmly around mine

Why have I felt him near me?

Spending hours by my side

Why do I feel my sexuality is not a sin?

That he would never view my love as such

Why have I felt his acceptance?

When I cried to him of my pain

Why am I still his child?

No matter what they say

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