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Kylie Brown

Progress • Kylie Brown

What is progress?

Progress is visual

It’s accepted


It’s seeing the numbers on the scale

As they decline at a rapid rate

Going backwards

(Never forward)

It’s your waist shrinking

As your friends all shout


“You look so good!”

(As if, somehow,

I didn’t look good before)

It’s losing 40 pounds in one month

The shock on people’s faces

As they tell you, you are so strong

They are proud of you

(Not hearing the aggressive rumbling of your stomach)

It’s stuffing carrots and apples

Down my throat

Like I’m a damn rabbit

Running around the track

10 times more than putting food in my own mouth

100 calories here

200 there


Progress is hating yourself

To the point of starvation.

Just so that others

Will view you as successful 

What is progress?

Progress is silent

It’s personal


It’s slowly realizing numbers are just that

Numbers upon a scale

Not giving them any weight

(Even if others do)

It’s putting on that crop top

Telling yourself

“I look amazing”

“I love my body”

(While others tell you to cover up;

Your body is not worth seeing.)

It’s recognizing clothes are for all sizes

Letting your rolls hang out in pride

Loving every inch of yourself

Proud of who you are

(Even if there was a time where you weren’t)

It’s walking with my head held high

Comfortable in my own skin

It’s wearing short dresses

And low-cut shirts

Not hiding behind sweaters

A silent smile here

Showing my stomach there


Progress is learning to love yourself

Despite what society thinks

So that one day you,

You can view yourself as successful

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