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Beautiful Beings

Geneva Williams

Beautiful Beings • Geneva Williams

Ever since the beginning

I felt like I had a connection with beautiful beings

It feels as if we walked the same paths searching and seeking for meaning

Our African hearts both beating

Bleeding with the same blood

As we look at the red hot sun, in unison

Our feet, fearlessly fleeting

Chasing the feeling that is giving us fuel

We skip and hop on boulders bigger than us

That bridge gateways, while green envy shrubbery brushes against our legs,

Through the red-brownish waves, our fate is awakened

Seeking salvation, salivating the moment in African tongues

Pumping and pulsing in the purest form of spiritual energy

We’re like earthly, expanding supernovas

God knows we are trying to dig for a destiny deeper within our roots, even in our bountiful bones

We walked the same crumbly, cracked and clay grounds of the African Sahara

Step by step, by reaching high peaks, promises and prophecies at last, a passing for paradise

Skies in blue-orange tints, that are layered lovely

Suddenly slipping in silky seductive silhouettes

Wispy white clouds touching mountain tips, dripped with a godly golden glow making shadows show

Stillness, in the vast open space, we can taste the victory in our mouths

The sweetness of sounds fills our ears, that brings us back to life

Thrivin’ in our melanin skin that shines naked

As we dance in the wind senseless and sincere in our ways

Spend days racing and ravishing in the breeze while running from our enemies

We sit vulnerable in thought on how we’re gonna survive

We get closer at sunrise, become distant when the sun sets

We learn our lessons, as it places lightness on our heavy souls.

Afraid to fall and go back to being seen as afterthoughts, lost in translation

Wanting a reconciliation, that warm rekindling again and again,

We became more than just good friends, but familiar family

Taught me that there is whole and holiness within myself,

That God lives with me, that I should love me.

I know we'll meet again soon, as I look up at Mother Moon, knowing we’ll be alright.

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