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African Crown

Geneva Williams

African Crown • Geneva Williams

She wears it with honor

That the queens before her hold

Behold their righteousness and perseverance like fire,

The desire to be like them, royal melanin.

Jewels of diamond and gold make them rich

The African Crown is fit for a queen;

People could only dream of royal palaces and black kings that scream your majesty.

It's the majestic black that lasts from her past she takes pride in.

She doesn’t hide her luscious curls and afro pearls;

They're a symbol of warrior bloodshed and natural motherland beauty.

Crowned for being honest and real through her bright skies! Her strong winds!

Her ground rumbles with every step she takes!

She doesn't lack strength when her soul is tanked; she rises

That is truly the goddess at work, casting her spell, doing her magic

Her African Crown is fantastic and dogmatic; practice what it is preaching

This African Crown has faith in the dark-skinned goddess leading

Bow down to the crown that is feeding you potentness and power

Devour her every word,

Her every move,

Look at what that crown can do

That African Crown is fit just for her.

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