Issue 29 | Spring 2021



Sun-Warmed Tomatoes  |  Tiffany Acrie

The Window  |  Alisen Allen

Half  |  Taylor Huxley

A First Venture into Politics (or the Day I Talked

Back to Mr. Clean)  |  Chris Taylor

Participation Points?  |  Cassidy Wallace

Flattened Underfoot  |  Emma Poulsen

Summer Apricots  |  Emily Hugentobler

Visual Art


The Fall of Icarus  |  Allison Clark

Gone  |  Elizabeth Curtis

If It Wasn't Me  |  Danica Gary

Fragrant  |  Abe Daye

Galaxy of Nightmares  |  Bethany Hammer

Glass World  |  Allison Clark

Marble Tranquility  |  Bethany Hammer

I Normally Don't Like Mornings  |  Taylor Huxley

Northeast Nostalgia  |  Max Barnaby

The Gods of the Rheem Theatre  |  Michael DuBon

Greed & Other Infinite Things  |  Elizabeth Curtis

How to Lose a Guy  |  Lyndsey Kay

Tough Love  |  Taylor Huxley

Sadness Takes Over My Pancreas  |  Brianna E. McBride

Wasatch Pine  |  Jared Clawson

Tentacles  |  Cassidy Wallace

The Sweeter Things in Life  |  Cassidy Wallace

Let Us Stay Longer  |  Nicole Burton

Heads Up  |  Larissa Beatty

The Cannibal  |  Lauryn Batista

Savate  |  Tiffany Acrie

Insomnia  |  Larissa Beatty

I'd Really Rather Have You Here  |  L. Paul Husselbee

Drown Me in the Night  |  Nicole Burton

The Modern Sonnet  |  A. Elaine

Stained Glass Tells True  |  Alexis J. Taylor

A House is Never Still  |  A. Elaine

Amnesia  |  K. Holloway

wars leave fatherless sons  |  Danica Gary

An Old Flame  |  Allison Clark

Why She Cuts  |  Sydney Beal

Boy Flower  |  William Cullimore

Compulsion  |  Elizabeth Curtis

Fire Dance  |  Allison Clark

accident out on antelope road  |  Marla Camarena

Is's and Ought's  |  M Belliston

Ariadne  |  Madeleine Walters

For Laocoön  |  Cassidy Wallace

I Stole it from the Millenial/Gen-Z Mind  |  Cassidy Wallace

Medusa  |  Madeleine Walters

Moirai (The Fates)  |  Madeleine Walters

Pandora  |  Madeleine Walters

Merry Fucking Christmas or An Ode

to Singleness  |  Bridget Cunningham

stardust and promises  |  Lyndsey Kay

Another One  |  Geneva Williams

a side  |  Jove Tripp-Thompson

Bell 1950  |  Britney Rowley

Acid  |  Jared Matterfis

A Grain of Salt  |  Aaron Linkogle

Regrowth  |  Aaron Linkogle

Unsettled Thoughts  |  Aaron Linkogle

Broken City  |  Andrew Lee

Night Among Red Rock  |  Andrew Lee

Calm  |  Andrew Lee

A Horse and His Boy  |  Andrew Lee

Against All Logic Vinyl  |  Jared Matterfis

Bitmap Exploration Number One  |  Jared Matterfis

Native American Woman  |  Lyndsey Wall

New York Fashion Week Flyer  |  Jared Matterfis

Palestine  |  Althea Neustaedter

Reunion  |  Isabella Chavez

Sweet Trip  |  Jared Matterfis

Aster  |  Jove Tripp-Thompson

A Touch of "Happiness"  |  Aaron Linkogle

(no) babies  |  Brittany Long Olsen 

Colleagues  |  Ginny Fielding

Conquest of Courage  |  Sarah Baum

Blight  |  Ginny Fielding

Testardo  |  Francesca Gatti

Dubitante  |  Francesca Gatti

Severa  |  Francesca Gatti

Friends  |  Denise Tinoco

Herbal Tonic  |  Mary Ellen Draper

Hermes  |  Francesca Gatti

In My Garden  |  Chloe Tate

Neon  |  Mary Ellen Draper

Reverence for the Dead  |  Chloe Tate

Floral Beard  |  Chloe Tate

Spectrum Dance  |  Chloe Tate

Deterioration  |  Jove Tripp-Thompson

True Fear  |  Sarah Baum

Vinyl Babe  |  Mary Ellen Draper

Turtle in Trash  |  Ethan Hoenig

Wickedly Delicious  |  Mary Ellen Draper

Wing 1  |  Geoffrey C. Lewis

By the Candlelight  |  Sarah Baum

Golden  |  KileyAnne Larson

Blue Woman  |  Lucy Sharp

Anhalo  |  Rian Kasner

Dilapidated House  |  Whitney Staheli

Being at Altar, 2020  |  Madeline Wallace

eyes  |  KileyAnne Larson

Manifesto for Voting Reform  |  Adam Flint Taylor

New Frontiers  |  Melissa Kelly

The Flight  |  Melissa Kelly

Thor's Hammer  |  Natalia Lance

Wildfire  |  Whitney Staheli

You Will Know Botany  |  Katie Lloyd

The Thought Collector  |  Sydney Beal

H.H.  |  Bridget Cunningham

Hannah, Don't You Remember?  |  Allison Clark

Excerpt from Della  |  Cassidy Wallace

Excerpt from Loyal Au Mort  |  Cassidy Wallace

Collected Memories  |  Max Barnaby

Liminal Bodies  |  KileyAnne Larson

What Happens on Backroads  |  Nicole Burton

The Flash  |  Cassidy Wallace

The Breath of Embroidery  |  Cassidy Wallace